Having the honour of catering to such an important event as a wedding is something a chef always looks forward to. As a day when everything has to be perfect and run smoothly, our private chefs relish the challenge and chance to showcase their talent in cooking, working with our clients all the way to build bespoke menus and realise any special requirements for that defining touch. We can organise as much or as little as you require and use only the freshest and best quality ingredients available. So if you need a chef that can deliver for such an important occasion, then get in touch today for more details.

Birthday Parties

When a person reaches certain milestones in their life, the only fitting celebration is to throw a suitably sized party. That’s where our expertise and experience developed over years of working within the event planning industry comes into play. Our creative team are experts in designing and planning memorable events that are sure to blow away everyone lucky enough to be there. Taking care of everything from start to finish, we have the contacts and know-how to put on an event that runs smoothly, looks great, is entertaining throughout and topped off with delicious catering options. The full package.


It is always a huge honour whenever anyone chooses us to plan what is one of the most important days in a person’s life. Taking care of all your event’s needs from start to finish, we make sure we get the perfect understanding of what it is you want and will always come back to you with plans for a wedding totally unique to your wants and wishes. Passionate about creativity, we have the experts onboard to ensure you the style, entertainment, food and everything else is the perfect match for such a momentous occasion.


Thanks to our longstanding position in the industry and the professionals we have on board, we have access to some of the best suppliers of traditional and state of the art marquees available. With a range available that can work with any bespoke requirements and accommodate any size event from low-key weddings to large-scale dinner parties, once we run through the options we have to offer we’re confident we’ll find the solution for you. Just get in touch with one of our planners today for more details.

Corporate Parties

As well as our expertise in organising private events, we also have a wealth of experience in planning and delivering corporate parties under our belts. From the overall decoration, the entertainment and the food, to the venue and appearance of the staff, we know that corporate events demand another degree of professionalism and that’s why we assure you that you won’t be let down when you see the level of service we can provide.

Children’s Events

We are by no means restricted to organising events just for adults. Over the years we have often had to accommodate for children at all manner of events and as such have found ourselves fully capable to organise entire occasions centred around children’s birthdays and other special occasions. With a firm understanding of the most popular trends, we will sit down with you and your child to plan to plan their dream party in whatever theme, entertainment, food or decoration they desire.

Special Occasions

The gist of our service is that whatever the special occasion, we have the knowledge and skill on-board to plan and host events at the forefront of the industry. Our strong relationships with caterers, marquee providers, florists and entertainment professionals, amongst many others, allow us to plan and deliver events that never fail to impress. Our planners will make sure your desires are made a reality, working with you to bring your dream event to life, whatever it may be.

Event Styling

The creative ability that we house amongst our team allow us to excel in the styling, decoration and venue choice of all our events, so you need not worry about our ability to cater for tastes of all kinds. Whether you’re more inclined toward traditional themes, something more suitable for corporate tastes, or contemporary set-ups, we know what works and what doesn’t. All you need to do is sit down with us to work out the perfect solution for your event.

Events Management

With true events expertise on-board, our team can take care of all event management duties to make your job easier and deliver a spectacular result. We’re happy to take as big or as small a role as you wish meaning we can take care of all your event planning needs, or simply act as a trusted advisor, stepping in when needed. No matter the level of support you require, you can count on us to deliver a quality event and add value every step of the way. We're big on spectacle but we never lose sight of the details so clients of all kinds depend on us to take care of every aspect of event management, as well as the behind the scenes logistics. So, when the big day comes, you’re free to mingle with your guests and enjoy watching all your hard work come together. It doesn’t matter which stage of the event planning process you are at – we can always step in to help. So, to ensure that your event runs smoothly from conception to execution, why not speak to one of our experienced events professionals today?